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“stone looks bigger in the photo than in real life” This is because a 10mm stone will show in the item listing photo as a 100mm stone on an average size laptop screen and 50mm on the average smart phone. Please check in the “item description” section for the actual dimensions of all listed items.

It is difficult to achieve total accuracy in representing opal with digital photography for the following reasons;

  • The human eye sees things slightly differently to the digital camera because of the different mechanisms of how they register light.
  • When a person is viewing opal they are using two eyes from slightly different angles to produce one 3 dimensional image. When viewing a photo it is one image from one angle.
  • Each person’s eyes see a little differently to the next persons eyes.
  • Many computer screens are manufactured and calibrated a little differently to each other.
  • The opal colours and patterns seen are the result of a complex combination of refraction, diffraction, diffusion and reflection of light from the opals structure. When an opal is viewed with different light sources and different light intensities the effect of the stone can vary a little from one light source to the other.
  • The total combination of these factors mean there will be some degree of inaccuracy when representing opal with digital photography.

To compensate for these factors we like to list our items with both still photos and a video, using all care and techniques to represent the stone as accurately as possible.