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Our Support Organisations

Absolute Opals & Gems Pty Ltd supports this organisation to help strengthen the integrity of our Australian Opal Industry. 

The International Opal Jewellery Design Award Association provides a valuable local trade show exhibition showcasing opal carving. It also hosts the Internationally acclaimed jewellery competition. You can meet us there once a year at the local Bowling Club in the function room located above the main lobby, during the Lightning Ridge Opal Festival, last week of July.

Absolute Opals and Gems Pty Ltd proudly supports, participates and sponsors this organisation and its’ important industry event.

The Lightning Ridge Opal Festival, last week of July, has become one of the most important events of the Opal Industry. It draws Opal miners from all over Australia and opal customers from all over the world. This event grows in strength every year. It is an ideal time to learn all about Australian Opal and an ideal time to buy Australian Opal.

Absolute Opals and Gems Pty Ltd Participates in this event via the IOJDAA as mentioned above.

Absolute Opals And Gems Pty Ltd hopes to welcome you for a visit so we want to provide you with some information to plan your trip here.

The regional government website has a lot of great information for tourists.

Lightning Ridge is rich in opalised fossils.

Lightning Ridge is home to the Australian Opal Centre,which houses a diverse collection of fossils.

Absolute Opals and Gems Pty Ltd Supports this organisation through membership and a Philanthropy Program fossil donation.

For those with an interest in mining, the state, Department of Resources and Energy can tell you a lot about mining here.

The Lightning Ridge Miners Association is just what it says!

The LRMA plays a vital role in communications and negotiations, between opal miners and all other parties with a vested interest, to keep the whole show going. 

Absolute Opals And Gems Pty Ltd is a supporting member of this organisation.