Black Opal Lightning Ridge Australia || Free Shipping Worldwide


Question: Can you combine my shipping to save on postage?

Answer: This is not a problem when purchasing directly from the website.

If separate item purchases are made from us via eBay we cannot hold and accumulate them because this will contravene our contract with eBay that states we must ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared funds to maintain our “Power Seller” status. However, if you are intending to purchase or win multiple items you may wish to accumulate them in your shopping cart and pay for all of them at one time. This will allow us to combine shipping for these items.


Question: Do you give discounts?

Answer: sometimes yes. Depending on the selection, we do feel that customers who buy multiple items or frequently purchase, should be rewarded from time to time.

We do revisit item prices occasionally and offer a discount sale on some of them to encourage turnover. If you feel an item you really want is just out of reach, make an offer… you never know, we may be considering to place that particular item on sale shortly, hence you may even be saving us the procedure.


Question: I would like to buy a rough opal from you guys. Can you cut it for me and then drill a hole in it.

Answer: We are not geared to offer individual piece cutting and drilling. Our in house cutting runs are prepared in bulk lots to maximise efficiency and lower relative expenses. These runs are based on material availability and its cut market demand, sometimes making them infrequent. To offer customer cutting on an individual scale within a reasonable time frame, we would have to charge a lot of money to make it economically viable for us. Sorry guys… no can do for this moment.