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This blog was written with a Trade/ wholesale level focus and was specifically written for parties interested to include Australian Opal as part of their future inventory.

Pricing can be subjective depending on location, usage and the general economic situations.

Some considerations for an intended market may include: price point range preference of the socioeconomic group and cultural preferences regarding colours, sizes and designs.

More specific considerations for an intended market, within the above framework, may include character trait differences. For example, a more conservative personality type may naturally gravitate towards a classic cut, better quality stone with elegant features, (regarding colour patterns and brightness) and sized within their price range. The more flamboyant personality may gravitate to the brightest biggest and boldest piece in the collection, within their price range.

One more consideration while stocking up with opal… while we can apply all the science and theories of marketing and human relations to increase our chances of long term business success, often the simplest strategy of presenting a random variety of choices then going with the flow can win the day. I believe this is because of opals’ individual uniqueness which can impulsively captivate its audience. There is an old local saying that goes something like this, “You have to let the stone talk to you” in others words your “gut feeling” or subconscious will help you make the right decision. This seldom talked about phenomenon seems to play a regular role in the opal game.

In summation, more variety equals more chance of customer satisfaction. This statement is particularly true with Australian Opal.