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Mulga began as a prospective opal mining location around 1998 – 1999 when the Coocoran opal fields had become somewhat depleted and miners were keen on exploring other locations within the Lightning Ridge opal mining reserve. Mulga was heavily worked for six to seven years after its discovery and became a successful opal mining location for numerous miners. Mulga eventually replaced the opal production from the Coocoran fields during the early 2000s and majority of Lightning Ridge opal found in the last 20 years came from the Mulga and Grawin region. Today, Mulga is still a semi-active opal mining location and holds hope for many miners.



In the video above, Carl visited the major mining locations within the Mulga/Grawin region to provide informative insight on its rich opal mining history and its current state. In addition, showing consumers and the rest of the population where majority of the Lightning Ridge opal were sourced from in recent history.


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