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Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge is a town in north-western New South Wales, Australia, in Walgett Shire, near the southern border of Queensland, 5 km off the Castlereagh Highway.

 Lightning Ridge is a world-renowned centre of the mining of black opals.
Lightning Ridge, or ‘The Ridge’, as it is fondly referred to by locals, is renowned for the largest production of quality Black Opal in the World!
The illusory mystique of ‘The Ridge’ has lured many a hopeful miner over the past 100 years coming to try their luck at finding the “big one”. While some have fortuitously struck it rich, others continue the search, resolute in their quest for that elusive prize: top quality “red on black”.
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Lightning Ridge is a flourishing tourist town with numerous accommodation options. Temperatures in summer can exceed 45 Celsius. Below ground the temperature is 22 degrees, year round.