Opal, and Black Opals, Lightning Ridge Australia | All prices in Australian dollars

11.2 cts Australian Solid Semi Black Opal Rough Rubs Lightning Ridge Parcel

SKU: PR1138S

Item description

Gemstone Type: Opal Rough

Black: Semi Black / Crystal

Colour: Green/ Blue

Gemstone: Natural Solid

Weight: 11.2 carats

Dimensions: L 8.8 - 13.9 mm

W 5.0 - 9.3 mm

H 3.5 - 7.3 mm

Quantity: 5 stones

Parcel with: Rough Rubs Opal

Uses: Mineral Collection/jewellery/specimen/

Origin: Lightning Ridge Australia

Recommended uses:  cutting 

Treatment: No

Water is sprayed on the opal to simulate a polished stone.