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309.15 cts Australian Rough Opal Parcel , Lightning Ridge

SKU: PR42606S

Item description

Gemstone Type: Opal Seam  Rough  Parcel - Potch and Colour

Colour:  Blue/Green/Multi-colour

Gemstone: Natural Solid

Weight: 309.15 carats

Dimensions: L 7.5 - 35.6 mm 

W 5.0 - 34.0 mm 

H 4.6 - 15.0 mm 

Parcel with: Rough Opal

Uses: Mineral Collection/Specimen/Jewellery

Origin: Lightning Ridge Australia

Recommended uses: Cutting/Carving/Rubbing /Practice cutting 

Treatment: No

Water is sprayed on the opal to simulate a polished stone.