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7.5 cts Australian Opal Doublet Stone Rough Rub, Lightning Ridge

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Item description

Shape and polish your own Genuine Lightning Ridge Black Opal Doublet rubs! (Ready for 1200 Grit Sanding). 

To enhance authenticity, natural black potch from the same area as the colour top is used. The area is known as the famous Grawin Opal Field. 

Bonus feature! These doublets can be worn in salt or freshwater as we have utilised a marine-grade adhesive. 

Australian Opal Doublets Rub

Weight: 7.5 carat

Dimensions: L 17.2 mm x W 12.8 mm x H 6.2 mm

Colour: Red/Blue/Green 

Origin: Australia

Australian Crystal Opal Lightning Ridge top glued to Lightning Ridge Potch

Cut: Free Form

Gemstone: Australian Opal Doublet

Uses: Mineral Collection/Jewellery/Ring/Pendant

Water is sprayed on the opal to simulate a polished stone.